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We care about sustainability in production, brands, marketing, customers and service providers starting from the project stage.

    • With our reverse engineering-oriented philosophy, we bring simple, convenient and practical solutions to complex and intricate products, while reducing the financial burden of our partners, while also easing the physical burden.
    • In our projects that bring a new perspective and a new breath to the sector, we eliminate the parts that shorten the life of the products, cause malfunctions and do not allow repair; We are making brand new inventions that increase functionality, extend the lifespan and can be easily repaired in case of failure.

In order to build a better future together with environmentally friendly products and sustainable solutions, we offer environmental awareness trainings to the entire supply chain, starting with our employees.

    • To ensure continuous development and improvement by meeting all environmental legal and customer requirements.
    • To consider the environmental effects in office investments.
    • To raise awareness of our employees, suppliers and subcontractors about the environment by providing them with environmental training.
    • To continuously improve our environmental management system in order to increase our environmental performance.

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